• "Cindy has regained my respect and trust for the skin care profession. I've been to several 'skin care people' and I have always felt disappointed when I left. Cindy has changed that for me. Cindy O'Brien is a true professional. I love the way Cindy evaluates my skin each time I have an appointment and understands my current life style, it's needs and exposure to the elements even before she touches my face. Then once Cindy performs her expertise and knowledge on my skin? I know I 'literally' have the right pair of helpful, gentle hands touching my face. After she's done with my face, Cindy makes sound, informative recommendations for what my skin needs, that is always helpful but is never a high pressured sales pitch. Cindy is always willing to work within my budget which is so helpful in the crazy economy. I just know when I leave her studio I have not only been well taken care of, but feel truly pampered. I highly recommend Cindy to all my own clients, family and friends."
    ~ Diana L, Hair Dresser, Napa
  • "I am amazed at the difference in my face since my facial with you and using the 6 products I bought. The nasolabial lines have plumped up and aren't as visible and the redness is fading! The wrinkles around my lips are filling in too. I look younger and feel great. I have gone from once a day washing of my face to twice a day 5 days out of seven, that\'s good for a new routine. I am looking forward to my next session with you and plan on buying the Vit. C lotion to reduce the brown spots. I also feel that many of the lotions/serums will last me several months so the price doesn't seem so high. Thank you so much!"
    ~ Karen O, RDH
  • “I can’t thank you enough for your amazing make-up artistry you did with the Mercado Global models. Your generosity touches me beyond words....Thank you again for your gorgeous work!”
    ~ Suzanne B., Photographer
  • "Thanks to Cindy O'Brien Aesthetics, my skin looks more healthy and beautiful that it has in years! She is simply the best aesthetician I've ever experienced. I don't say that lightly. I've been to more salons and spas than I can count, and Cindy stands out. She is educated in her field, expert, and professional. Her products are superior: safe, and supremely effective. Whether you want a basic facial, a specialized treatment, or the works, make an appointment with Cindy. You'll be glad you did."
    ~ Molly W., Pilates Instructor
  • "Thank you Cindy. You offer a sensational service and I am always recommending you to my friends! I know they will be as impressed and satisfied with your kindness and skill as I am! I love the facials and see a definite improvement in my skin, but the highlight of my visit is the amazing shoulder massages!!"
    ~ Sandy L., Ubuntu
  • "Cindy is a highly skilled make up artist with whom I've had the joy of working alongside for over 15 years at various photo-shoots. Her work is seamless and her aesthetic is always on target. Aside from her exceptional work she has a wonderful, engaging personality. She's professional, personable, and always a pleasure to work with."
    ~ Elisabeth F., Photographer
  • "Cindy has a heartfelt passion for the overall health and spiritual beauty of each client. Her natural soothing talents nurtures, repairs and rejuvenates you and your skin. First and formost the experience and results are amazing."
    ~ Marie L, Napa
  • “I have met the best facial person ever after decades of getting facials. Cindy O'Brien - she has a background in doing make up in Hollywood, she does yoga, has kids, sold medical stuff - is brilliant - loves learning and best of all she practices everything she does on herself and you can trust her - she really cares about getting all of us to look beautiful.”
    ~ Erica V., Estate Director for Icon Estates
  • “I have visited a large number of aestheticians in this valley and have had all sorts of facial treatments, from medical to European. Never have my results been so immediate and so progressive as they have been with you and your treatments. You seem to really know your stuff and I am more than confident that you are the answer to my skin problems. I absolutely love you!”
    ~ Ashley E., Hair Stylist and Instructor
  • "I love having Cindy as my facialist. She always puts her customers and their needs first, and is so considerate when deciding what it best for the individual. I completely trust her and her recommendations and my skin has benefitted tremendously from her care."
    ~ Colleen D., Round Pond
  • "Cindy is a very attentive aesthetician. She understands skin and it's needs. She provides a wonderfully nourishing customized treatment for each client. She continually expands her knowledge and expertise offering the latest and best of skin care techniques and products. You will relax into her treatment and come out radiant and fresh."
    ~ Debbie D., Marketing Manager
  • "My complexion has taken a 180! My skin is clear, my face is glowing, and I feel better about facing the world! Cindy put me on an easy day/night regimen with the best products. Cindy has a fabulous, welcoming space in a modern salon- I look forward to our visits all month and an honored to recommend her!”
    ~ Courtney W., Ubuntu Yoga Studio Manager
  • “Cindy has amazing instinct about each of her clients needs. She takes great care in every appointment. My skin has improved 100% and she helped my with what products are best for my skin type.”
    ~ Julie N., Graduate Student and Consultant
  • “For me trusting someone to do anything to my face is difficult. As a teen I suffered from major acne problems. I truly trust Cindy. She is knowledgeable and really wants the best for her clients.”
    ~ Lucy F., House Manager and Nanny
  • “Cindy is a beautiful wise soul and reflects that in the service she provides. You will have a truly enjoyable facial!”
    ~ Maichi F., Business Executive
  • "I am so happy to have found Cindy. I moved to the Napa Valley after having lived for many years in San Francisco and Marin. I had excellent estheticians in both places after much searching. I was amazed to find someone with Cindy's experience and expertise in Napa! She is focused on the well being of her clients and making them feel beautiful inside and out. I often get complimented on how great my skin looks. I love her products and appreciate that most are organic and of the highest quality. Cindy is a true gem in the Valley."
    ~ Liz P., Napa

  • "I have never felt such a personal commitment to me as a client as I have felt from Cindy. She brings a broad range of experience, knowledge, and skills to her service, and an absolute dedication to her clients' well-being. I highly recommend her as an esthetician and a beauty guru.”
    ~ Marcy B., Yoga Instructor and Landscape Designer
  • "I hire Cindy O'Brien exclusively for all photo shoots requiring make-up artistry. To find her level of talent --- straight off the movie sets in Hollywood --- in quaint Napa is quite a find! She happily travels to any destination within the Bay Area, as well. My usually nervous clients are instantly put at ease when Cindy walks through the door smiling with her big make-up case. And then the magic begins. Cindy's work gives a natural glow, astonishing perfection, and a quiet sophistication to all the 'real' women in her chair. Additionally, she will style hair for a finished look. As a result, our models are relaxed and confident, the photographs are perfection (requiring little to no touch-up work), and the entire project is elevated with Cindy at the helm."
    ~ Kristen M., Art Director
  • "When I got my facial from Cindy, it was relaxing, refreshing, and when she finished my skin looked amazing!! Without wearing makeup the rest of the day I had so many compliments on how radiant my skin looked! I was not red or puffy like the results I have had with other estheticians. My skin was relaxed and rejuvenated. I would not go to anyone else but Cindy now."
    ~ Coco S., High School Senior
  • "I've had facials in the past, but I've never had such wonderful results with the outcome of the facials Cindy has performed on me. Even the extractions were gentler than all the others I've had done. Cindy has an intuitive nature of knowing exactly what my skin needs are. In fact, she cleared a chronic blemish I had for the last several years that I thought I was stuck with the rest of my life. Now my skin is soft, supple, and very healthy feeling and looking. She has me on a skin care program that is suited especially for my skin care needs. It is through her sincere and genuine concern with the condition of my skin that has given me the incentive to continue with the skin protocol established by her. She is a true professional that has not lost sight of the importance of the human touch."
    ~ Janie F., Yoga Instructor and LPN
  • "Cindy is everything I want in an aesthetician: warm gentle presence & touch, she listens to what's being asked of her, conscious healthy ingredients in her products, a beautiful person outside & inside who wants to leave her clients feeling refreshed and beautiful! Reasonable rates & easy to schedule with...what more could a girl ask for??"
    ~ Pam B., Therapist
  • "I knew I needed to do something and going to the department store for products to help with my dry skin, pores and complexion wasn't making the difference that I sought. So I decided to make the investment and pamper myself by seeing Cindy O'brien. I have extremely sensitive skin and break out with many products. Cindy recognized this right away and was able to identify by skin type and use the products that would help get my skin back in shape. In addition she used the latest in light therapy to help repair my damaged skin. My skin feels and looks smoother and glows in a way that it hasn't in quite some time. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the results."
    ~ Nicolette L., Teacher
  • "I just wanted to write something to say how much I enjoy going to have a facial with Cindy. Firstly, she does a wonderful job, often taking a lot more time than the time allotted, determined to make your experience perfect. My skin always comes out shiny and new looking after a visit and stays that way for days, and many friends have commented on how good and youthful my skin looks. But another very important part of going to a skin expert is the therapists' attitude, and Cindy is such a caring, thoughtful person, you have the feeling that she really does want to look after you and your precious skin."
    ~ Lindsey D., World Traveler